Directory of COAMFTE Accredited Programs

A list of currently accredited programs can be accessed in the Search Criteria below. To view the list in alphabetic order, use the {Select All} in the Search Criteria below.  To view by State or Province, select the name of the state or province.

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Please note: To view all online programs choose "Select All" for State/Province.

If you have questions about the dates of accreditation for your program, please email and include name of institution and degree level in inquiry.

Student Achievement Criteria

COAMFTE has established Accreditation Standards that require programs to report on student achievement.  Additionally, COAMFTE collects Student Achievement data on graduation rates, exam pass rates, and licensure rates.  Accredited programs are required to report Student Achievement Criteria data on an annual basis.

Program Demographic Data

In accordance with COAMFTE policies and procedures, COAMFTE publishes and disseminates aggregate accredited program enrollment and faculty demographics.