What are the Benefits of COAMFTE Accreditation?

Student Opportunities

Earning a degree from a COAMFTE-accredited program will:

  • Ensure a quality education in MFT that meets or exceeds COAMFTE standards established by the MFT profession.
  • Prepare for licensure and careers in the MFT profession.
  • Facilitate academic progression, including transfer credit from one institution to another and the portability of licensure.
  • Make you eligible for employment by the Veterans Administration.
Program Assurance



Programs that have attained COAMTE accreditation:

  • Are nationally recognized for their continuous commitment to high quality by going through annual reporting and re-accreditation process.
  • Gauge effectiveness against Student Achievement Criteria benchmarks set by COAMFTE.
  • Are housed within regionally accredited institutions and provide access to federal and non-federally funded grant and scholarship programs.
Guaranteed Quality


The public and the educational community are assured that COAMFTE-accredited programs:

  • Have set and strive to meet clear and appropriate educational objectives that are in compliance with established standards and criteria in the context of their mission/goals/outcomes.
  • Are evaluated against nationally accepted standards and have graduates that are competent for entry into the workplace or for advanced practice.
Professional Credibility


COAMFTE-accredited programs contribute to the unity of the profession by:

  • Producing graduates that are exceptionally prepared for careers as marriage and family therapists.
  • Offering a curriculum that meets requirements of State Licensing Boards.
  • Being recognized by Employers in the MFT field for setting high standards for professional preparation.
  • Bringing together practitioners, faculty, supervisors and students in an activity directed toward program evaluation and planning for further professional development in the accreditation process.

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