Maintaining COAMFTE Accreditation

Policy and Procedures

COAMFTE Accreditation Manual

Standards Version 12.5

Accreditation Standards Version 12.5

Eligibility Criteria Version 12 to Version 12.5 Crosswalk

Standards Version 12 to Version 12.5 Crosswalk

Standards Version 12

Accreditation Standards Version 12

Accreditation Process Information General Overview of the Accreditation Process providing requirements to initiate the accreditation process and submission requirements

Standards Version 12 Cycle of Assessment Outlines the cycle of assessment and associated Key Elements for Version 12

Professional Marriage and Family Therapy Principles Programs may select a combination of any principles

Accreditation Fees and Forms

Accreditation Fees

Accreditation Forms

Accreditation Process

Accreditation Process at a Glance     

Accreditation Maintenance

Maintenance of Accreditation Forms for programs to demonstrate continuing compliance with COAMFTE standards. (Annual Report, Special Report, Request for Extension, Substantive Change, Plan for Closure, etc.)