COAMFTE Events and Trainings

COAMFTE Networking Event 2019

The Commission will be offering an opportunity for an open question and answer forum during the Virtual COAMFTE Networking Event on Friday, November 8, 2019, 1-2:30pm ET. Join Dale Hawley, COAMFTE Chair, and Bobbi Miller, COAMFTE Chair Elect, as they engage the attendants in a discussion of recent innovations and what’s on the horizon for COAMFTE.


We look forward to seeing you there!

Site Visitor Training

COAMFTE annual training opportunity for academicians and practitioners interested in conducting accreditation site visits. COAMFTE site visitors serve as the eyes and ears of the Commission and provide the Commission with their on-site observations to assist the Commission in making final accreditation decisions. Site Visitors travel to programs seeking accreditation and engage in on-site review through meetings with program and clinical directors, faculty, students, graduates, supervisors and administration. For more information and application, click here.

2019 Accreditation Workshop Presentations

  • Takeaways from Preparing Eligibility Criteria, Lenore McWey, PhD, LMFT, Program Director, Florida State University VIEW NOW

  • Competency Model: Leveraging Accreditation for Innovation, Naveen Jonathan, PhD, LMFT, Program Director, Chapman University  VIEW NOW

Any presentations, articles, or blogs posted on the COAMFTE site by third parties do not reflect the opinions, values, or requirements of COAMFTE. The information provided does not guarantee accreditation approval.

 Eligibility Criteria PowerPoint

PowerPoint slides from recent webinar that focuses on:

  • Preparation for Eligibility Criteria submission

  • Frequently Asked Questions and missed items

  • Tips for using templates


2017 Accreditation Workshop PowerPoint

  • Preparation of an Eligibility Criteria report

  • Guidelines to submit a Self-Study document

  • Interpretations directly from Commissioners


Decoding Stipulations Webinar WATCH NOW